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Repertoire / Romeo and Juliet
"Romeo and Juliet", the overture-fantasy of the same name Shakespeare's tragedy; music by P.I. Tchaikovsky "Romeo and Juliet" by P.I. Tchaikovsky is the first reference of the composer to a creative heritage of the great English playwrighter.
This overture opens not only a Shakespearian line in P.I.Tchaikovsky creativity, but also it is the beginning of the whole series of all creative plans of the composer on this plot.
And, if the overture has been created right at the beginning its creative way, so the last reference to this Shakespeare's tragedy was attempt to write an opera in last year of his life. As a result of this, there was a sketch of the duet from "Romeo and Juliet" completed by S.I.Taneev.
Music of the overture is based on themes which personify the basic images and collisions of Shakespear's tragedy in Veronain days of enmity between Montekki and Capuletti. Especial admiration is caused with a theme of love, which Rimsky-Korsakov wrote about: "What inexplicable beauty, what burning passion! It is one of the best themes of all Russian music!"
This theme, obviously, has been also composer's favourite as in the kept sketch of the Romeo and Juliet's duet from not carried out(unrealized) opera is constructed on an eternal theme of love.
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