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Repertoire / Cinderella


Music by S. Prokofiev

Choreography by A. Emelianov

 Cinderella is a beautiful  fairytale about love, fortunate fate and the triumph of good. This Perreault  fairytale has been performed in the theatre under various names: “The Crystal Slipper”, “The Magic Slipper”, “The Squirrel Fur Slipper”, “Cendrillion”, and finally, “Cinderella”. In fact, it was already being staged as a ballet in the 18th century.
 “Cinderella’s” author lived in the 17th century. He was the author of many tales beloved throughout the world, including “Sleeping Beauty”, “Puss in Boots”, and “Bluebeard”.
 Over the years, the poetic charm of the Cinderella tale has captivated the imagination of directors and composers. Tonight’s music was written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev immediately agte World War II; as enchanting, tender and fragile as Cinderella herself, to which choreographer Rostislav Zakharov created his ballet.
 Poor Cinderella has an evil, carping stepmother and two nasty stepsisters, Zliuka and Krivliaka. All the Stepmother’s love and care are bestowed on the sisters, while Cinderella only gets reproaches. One day, Zliuka and Krivliaka fight over a scarf they’ve embroidered together. The Stepmother intervenes and divides it in half, but instead of scolding her daughters, she takes pleasure in watching them dance with the halves of the unfortunate scarf. Cinderella and her good, beloved but spineless father can only watch.
 Between chores Cinderella rushes in to see her father but the stepmother and sisters won’t let them spend any time together. When an old woman enters the house only Cinderella tenderly offers her a crust of bread.
 The srepmother and sisters have other concerns. They are getting ready for a fancy dress ball at the palace. The entire house is filled with tailors and dressmakers, a dancing master tries to teach the clumsy sisters to dance. They won’t be taking Cinderella to the ball, she doesn’t have a dress. After she is left alone, she mournfully but perfectly repeats the steps the dancing master was attempting to teach.
 Suddenly, the old woman reappears, but as a powerful fairy promising to help Cinderella attend the ball. Cinderella gazes sadly at her tattered dress and shoes but the room lights up with the fairies of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each with a piece of finery for her. As she  hurries to the ball, the fairy calls out a warning: on the dot of midnight she must leave and return home.
 At the palace, the stepsisters try to impress those around them, especially the Prince, with their dancing. The moment Cinderella enters all eyes are on her. The Prince falls in love the moment he sees her and they dance happily together. As the clock begins to strike, Cinderella remembers the fairy’s instructions. She flees the palace leaving one of her slippers behind. The prince tries to catch her but is left with only the slipper.
 The Prince asks everyone for the identity of the beautiful stranger but no one knows her. In despair he sets out to find her.
 At last he arrives at the estate where Cinderella lives. All the girls attempt to fit into the shining slipper without success. Suddenly the Prince sees Cinderella reveal the other slipper. Despite the Stepmother’s efforts, Cinderella tries the slipper on and becomes the Prince’s bride.

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