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Repertoire / Giselle


Music: Adolphe Adam.

Choreography: Jules Perro, Jean Correli, Marius Petipa, Leonid Lavrovsky.

                                                           I act.

   A Small Village in the Rhine Valley.


   By tradition at harvest time, the villagers gather at a different house each day to taste the new wine. Wefind them gathered at the cottage of the peasant girl Giselle. CountAlbrecht, Duke of Silesia, has fallen in love with Giselle. Hedisguises himself as a peasant in order to court her.


   Hilarion,a gamekeeper, who also loves Giselle, suspects the true identity of hisrival and warns her to be wary of the stranger. The peasants returnwith the last of the grape harvest and join in a dance with Giselle andthe disguised Count. Laughing off her mother’s warning that her passionfor dancing might be endangering her life, Giselle is crowned Queen ofthe Vine.


   Ahunting party led by the Duke of Courland with his daughter Bathilde,stops at Giselle’s cottage to rest. Hilarion, learning that Bathilde isdetrothed to Count Albrecht, reveals the truth to Giselle. The shock istoo great for her and she dies, heartbroken. 


                                                           II act.


   The banks of a pool in a forest: Giselle’s grave.


   Midnight:The hour when the Wilis, the ghosts of the young women who have died ofa broken heart, appear to waylay unwary men and dance them to death.Count Albrecht and Hilarion come to grieve at Giselle’e grave. TheWilis are commanded by their Queen Myrtha to dance with the two men,Hilarion cannot ascape their spell and dies, but Count Albrecht issaved from Myrtha the Wilis by Giselle’s abiding love for him. Hemanages to dance until dawn, when the power of the Wilis fades, andescapes, taking his leave of Giselle forever.

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