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Repertoire / Tristan and Isolde


music by P.Tchaykovsky, G.Mahler, D.Shostakovich, S.Barber, music of the Middle Ages and  Renaissance

choreography by A.Emelianov

                                                     Act I


Selflesslove is the meaning of life. Only selfless love remains when timepasses. The story of Tristan and Isolde is an example of love that canovercome everything, even death.    

Irelandhas invaded British lands and it doesn’t want them to unite. Tristanreceives a deathly wound in the battle between the British and theIrish. His enemy’s weapon was poisoned that is why he is dying in frontof his friends. They put his body in the boat and let it sail in thesea.

Ireland.Isolde is on the seashore. Suddenly she sees the boat where Tristan islying. Being a very skillful healer, she understands that the young manis poisoned, but she knows how to treat his wounds. Having cured him,she is horrified to learn that the man is the worst enemy of hercountry. She does not dare to tell him who she is. She has fallen inlove, and her love is more powerful than all the rules and laws.Tristan cannot live without his savior, either. However, theyunderstand that their love is doomed. Meanwhile the Irish learn thatone of their enemies has been brought ashore. Therefore, Tristan has toleave Ireland.

TheKing of Ireland wants to provoke quarrels between the British nobility.So he arranges a tournament for the knights. The winner will be able tomarry young Princess Isolde. Tristan, who was raised by Mark, the Kingof Britain, is prepared to fight in this tournament for his King. Stillhe is unaware of the fact that Princess Isolde is the girl who hascured him. He is going to the tournament hoping to meet his love inIreland. 

            Tristanwins the last fight at the tournament, and his King gets the right tomarry Princess Isolde. Tristan is dumbfounded when he learns that hehas won the right for his King to marry his love. Now his feelingstoward Isolde run counter to his devotion to his country as thismarriage is supposed to bring peace to Britain and to stop the wars.


                                                                        Act II



 InBritain King Mark meets his favorite Tristan and Princess Isolde.Everybody is happy. But Tristan and Isolde’s love is growing strongerday by day. At the feast for Tristan’s victory and Isolde’s beautyTristan is devastated to tell his love that for the sake of peace theymust separate. Isolde submits to the fate, but in her heart she remainsfaithful to Tristan.

Isoldemust be wife to Mark against her will. Tristan cannot accept this. Heis on the verge of insanity and only short meetings with Isolde keephim alive.

Onthe eve of the coronation some enemies learn about Tristan and Isolde.They have conceived a treacherous plot. The King of Ireland is comingto Britain. He is aware of the plot, too. During the feast Tristan andIsolde leave the palace. The enemies follow them and take all the courtto the place where Tristan and Isolde are meeting. King Mark is struckby the scene. He orders to seize them. Isolde’s father breaks all therelations with King Mark and starts to storm the castle of King Mark.

Isolde tells her husband that she has been in love with Tristan since she found him on the Irish shore.

Inthe meantime the enemies are storming the castle. Tristan cannot leavehis country and he starts to fight the Irish. He is very close tovictory, but he receives a vicious blow. Time stops.

Whatis time? Is it decades or a single moment? Does a person know thatsometimes seconds are more important than centuries or that a glancecan mean more than a life? Tristan is taking Isolde’s world to theRealm of Death. This loss is too much for Isolde. Her heart cannotstand it and she follows her love into the Eternity. Has there been anylove that can be compared to this?

Life is more powerful than Death. Love is stronger than Life. 


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