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Repertoire / Vasilisa


music by S.Rakhmaninov

choreography by A.Emelianov

At the other end of the world, in a faraway kingdom there lived a girl Vasilisa. She lived alone as her parents have died a long time ago. She was kind; she helped people, animals and birds. Once in the spring when she walked in a birchwood, she has met there Ivan. They have liked each other, have agreed to meet tomorrow at the same place.Kikimory (Frights) have seen them in there; so servants of Koshei The Deathless have reported the master about extraordinary beauty of the Vasilisa. Koshei has wanted that such beauty was his wife; he has stolen(purloined) her and brought Vasilisa in his Kingdom. Koshei offers Vasilisa all the infinite riches he has; everything, if only she became his wife. But Vasilisa does not wish anything from him; she wishes to come back home, to the beloved.

Ivan has learned, that Koshei The Deathless has stolen Vasilisa and thinks, how to overcome him. He has gone to the Baba-Yaga to ask of advice, how to overcome immortality of the Koshei. She has regretted Ivan and has given him a magic sword, called "Kladenets".
All Kikimory (Frights) wish to straggle Ivan from the road (misdirect Ivan),
while he goes to the Koschei's Kingdom. At last he has reached that place where Koschei waits for him with the servants; they wish to murder Ivan. Ivan has entered the fight with the evil forces. Ivan certainly does not want bravery (valour); his magic sword has helped; he has overcome the Koshei The Deathless in terrible fight, has rescueed Vasila from a captivity.
They have reached the house and celebrated glorious(nice) wedding. They began to live long and happily.

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