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Repertoire / The Time

                   The Time 


music by Avro Part

choreography by Anatoly Emelianov      


      Time... We do not hear it pass. We neither feel it nor see it. Yet in our every thought, movement, word, it beats with the incessant pulse of eterniry. It seems it is not present. Not true. Slowly, imperceptibly, with secret aspiration, it moves step-by-step forward, and to it the distant future opens the door. It would seem time is here - not born yet! But look, it has already disappeared from the face of the earth forever, leaving only vague memories which completely dissolve in seconds, minutes, years.
    How painful to realize this thought, and how hard to be hopeful and aspire to something knowing the result is its ending. Stop! Inhale this time - just now - it is yours and yours alone. Understand it and do not condemn.

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