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Repertoire / White Snow and Seven Dwarfs

Music by Bogdan Pavlovsky
Choreography by Anatoly Emelianov

  The ballet "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" is based on the German fairy tale by the brothers Grimm about Snow White living in a castle with her evil stepmother, the Queen, who was very proud of her beauty. Learning from a magic mirror that Snow white was the most beautiful girl in the world, her stepmother decided to kill her pretty stepdaughter. But the poor girl did not die in the woods, but on the contrary, she met some real friends - seven funny dwarves: Professor, Grumpy, Happy, Stealthy, Atchoum, Dopey and Bashful.
   This ballet is not just a beautiful tale of good and evil characters; this is also a romantic story that teaches us each of us has a Guardian angel, which gives us faith and hope for bright future on the difficult road of life.

  This story of a beautiful girl has been alive for more than two centuries. Born in German folklore, she became the property of all mankind, due to the great storytellers the brothers Grimm "...her eyes were as blue as the lake, her lips red as rose petals. And her face was white as pure snow. And that's why they called her Snow White."
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